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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 31, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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the senate floor and starts off with a prayer, but things are ominous in d.c. and we need a little prayer today. >> mighty god, let us feel your presence today on capitol hill. guide our lawmakers with your wisdom, look with favor on our nation and save us from self-inflicted wounds. >> very good. >> amen! self-inflicted wounds are right. >> and first thing, i want to thank everybody who responded, in the hospital and thank you all for coming you conservatives were great. and big announcement today, today is the birthday of one of the "the five" and that's the woman sitting next to me miss andrea tantaros, an old partner of mine for a long time. >> what? >> young partner. >> how old are you no trying to get a vote, trying to get it together. huck uh key starts -- huck uh booy starts now. out with the old and in
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with the new. what does 2013 have in store? obama care. over a third of the states won't set up exchanges needed. >> to have an unknown cause factor pressed upon us is something irresponsible in my opinion for us to assume. >> the georgia governor on what needs to be fixed before obama care becomes law. then regulation nation. while the president promises green energy, environmental rules have choked the industry and sent millions to the unemployment lines. >> he is bound and determined to have that level of taxation out of the country. >> the new taxes that lie ahead. and getting married? buying a new home? >> family is the basic economic building block of the country. >> why the best time to do it is now. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike hukabee.
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>> hello, everybody and welcome. delighted to have you here. what a great audience. welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios in new york city. as we wrap up 2012 and get ready for 2013, happy to have you with us. now tonight we are going to take a look ahead and look at some of the key issues that will impact us in the new year. first, let's look back at some of the most memorable quotes from last year. the president is going to be sworn in for his second term in a few weeks. so what will four more years of obama bring? he gave as you preview of what is to come in march. >> after the election i will have more flex ability. >> yikes. more flexibility? my goodness this president has exercised more flexibility than a yoga master so far in his first four years.
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i can't wait to imagine what even more flexibility might look like. i mean, we have twisted the constitution a hundred different ways. we have had executive orders in assisted of legislation. we somehow believe that we will have a strong economy if we continue to punish people who produce and somehow reward people who don't. and we have also had a foreign policy that is supposed to make a stronger and more respected, but it hasn't worked out either. let's just put it this way. if that is flexibility, we all better learn to be very flexible the next four years. earlier this month susan rice withdrew her name from consideration from post of secretary of state. that's after strong opposition to her potential nomination. republicans were critical of her after she went on five different sunday news shows. she gave this explanation for the terrorist attacks that killed four americans in benghazi, libya on september 11th. >> the best assessment we have
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is that in fact this was not a pre planned, premeditated attack. what happened initially was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. it was a consequence of the video that people gathered outside the embassy, and then it grew very violent. those with extremist ties joined the fray and came with heavy weapons which unfortunately are quite common in post revolutionary libya. that then spun out of control. but we don't see at this point signs that this was a coordinated, planned premeditated attack. >> obviously somebody saw it that way. sworn testimony indicates that within a day they saw it as a very concerting and planned and coordinated attack. yet she was on all five of these shows saying they had no evidence of it. i think one of the reasons she is not going to be secretary of state was it was going to
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be a tough senate battle. and by the way, for the nonsense that somehow the rejection of her potential nomination, one that never was even made by the way was all about race? that's absurd. in fact, the last time a middle aged white guy has been secretary of state was a guy that some are too young to remember, warren christopher, 20 years ago under bill clinton. that doesn't wash. it had nothing to do with her gender, and it had nothing to do with her race. it had to do with as to whether or not she could survive a senate confirmation process because of answers that she gave like that. the quote that quite possibly got the most replays over the past year came from one of the president's campaign stops over the summer. >> if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> that's what it was, somebody else made that p that. i notice everywhere he went after he made that comment
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some small business owner would come up to me and the comment would be "i want you to know. i did build it." in fact that comment sparked outrage from small business owners all over the nation. including this message from a gentleman i met in georgia, a lumber yard owner. he put it pretty bluntly. he said this, "i built this business without government help, and you can kiss my -- well you get the picture here what ray was saying. it is pretty evident that that uh febded a lot of -- that offended a lot of people as they were up at night trying to get their businesses off the ground. netanyahu knows what the intentions are, and he had a warning when he spoke at the united nations. >> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here.
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before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. >> the united nations the liberty and good sense paid such attention to the prime minister that in just a few months thisy rewarded observer status to the palestinians in direct violation of the oslo accords and with no sense of purpose in light of the fact that there had just been a barrage of missiles and rockets fired from hamas in gaza to which the palestinians applauded. go figure. but i will say this, prime minister netanyahu may be the churchill of our day. mitt romney picked up a good fight as the republican challenger to the president, but he ultimately lost the race. many attributed this videotape as one of the reasons. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what.
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there are 47% who are with him and believe that they are victims. they believe the government has a responsibility to care for them and they believe they are entitled to health care to food and housing, you name it. it is entitlement. and they will vote for this president no matter what. >> memo to mitt and anybody else running for office. anytime you are in public there is a camera, a microphone. everything you say can and will be used against you. obviously the 47% did vote for president obama and another 5%. that's why he is being sworn in for a second term. well, a new year is a bit of an artificial milestone. it is not like the weather suddenly changes or people behave differently just because they flip to a new calendar, but a new year gives us an opportunity to hit the reset button. to use it as the starting line for better behavior. maybe just to try and forget
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and put some bad moments behind us and look forward to better times. 2012 was not a year that i am going to remember as you probably think i will. you see, i am not going to look back and think about benghazi, the re-election of barack obama, the political conventions. most certainly i am not going to think about gangnam rap. no. i will define 2012 by things far more important than any of those things. the birth of my granddaughter and my grandson's first bigger events for me. if i am still around in 25 years , i promise i wonts be watching -- i won't be watching youtube videos of katy perry or reading vampire novels orie living my own -- or reliving my own moment on the stage in tampa. i hillary visit the day in the pumpkin patch with two infants who will only remember being there because we showed them photos that documented their visit. i will pull out photos of dogs
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that will have long since passed, but who will still put a smile on my face just at the hint of the loyal love they gave me. i am going to remember trips my wife and i took to see places we never dreamed we would be able to visit. now, if you detect something in all of that, it is probably that when i think of what i am still going to believe to be important about 2012 years from now, it is not politics or a pop culture fad or a hot movie or book or even the balance of my bank account. it is memories of family. people send me thousands of messages each week to my e-mail address and my facebook page and on my website. some are kind and complimentary. some are vial and profane and embarrassingly filled with hate. some are touching and even cries for help. but it is doubtful i will be able to recall any of them in 25 years, or for that matter probably not by this time next year. as this year closes, what is really important or what is
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really important to you. what will you be thinking about 25 years from now if you are still around? i bet it is not the price of gasoline or groceries. i am real sure it won't be something nancy pelosi or harry reid said. so no matter what happened in your life in 2012, i hope the memories that linger and last are all about the love of god and your family because mine sure will be. [applause]. >> so what happens to obama care if half of the states in the country won't set up the health care exchanges to support the program? i will ask the georgia governor next. >> sign up for my facebook page and follow me on twitter. you can find a link to that and more at mike
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into i obama -- obama care is set to go into affect in 2014. it is not surprising some governors chose to run health insurance exchanges under the president's controversial reform law. but what is surprising is how many. 25 states, half of the country , are saying, sorry mr. president. we will not help you enforce this flawed piece of legislation. one of the governors saying that is nathan diel who joins us now. it is a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you, mike. >> this is kind of surprising that 25 states, half of the states in this country, have said they will not set up their own exchanges. what was it that you said i can't do this for georgia. it is just not going to help us. what was the deciding point?
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>> the biggest deciding factor was we couldn't get answers to questions that we felt were essential. the republican governors wrote a letter in july to the secretary of hhs asking very specific questions, things we needed to know and in order to be able to decide whether or not to implement these exchanges at the state level. we basically got few answers if any. remarkably however in the last week, suddenly regulations are pouring out of the bureaucrats in washington and hundreds of pages of them. but the bottom line is as you know having been a governor yourself that states that have to balance their budget such as the state of gorming george, we are struggling in this downturned economy to meet the obligations that we already have with regard to health care, particularly with regard to medicaid. to have an unknown cost factor thrust upon us is something that would be irresponsible in
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my opinion for us to assume. >> and that is the point they don't understand about medicaid. they said we will take care of your expenses and setting up the exchange and making the massive medicaid expansion. but the states have to pay a portion. and even if the feds are picking it up for year three and beyond, you will be in for literally billions of dollars of new obligations for funding, aren't you? >> exactly. we have estimated it anywhere from two and a half to four and a half billion dollars over a 10-year period. and we don't have any extra money like that lying around in our state. i don't think any other state does either. to assume obligation is a tremendous step and one we don't want to do because we are pledged not to raise taxes in our state. >> i know historically a lot of times governors were put into tough spots. if you don't implement new pieces of immediate dak aid we
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will take the whole program away from you. the courts ruled they can't do it this time. is that a part of what has em boldened governors to act in the state's best interest as they used to have to do when they were held hostage by the federal government. >> yes. the u.s. supreme court decision says the original portion of obama care legislation that would have mandated states to expand their medicaid rolls could not be forced on states. that's a good thing. that was parts of the ruling we all applauded. i think we are seeing the same reaction with regard to setting up state insurance exchanges. you are seeing the same reaction with regard to expanding medicaid populations. it is a cost to the states, and it is one that most of us just don't think we can afford. especially not knowing what the future costs are going to be. >> the way the exchanges were going to work, governor is the state could set its own up.
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the feds could come in, or there could be a hybrid. does that mean the feds will build one around you regardless of what your decision is? >> that's the way the legislation reads. and i presume that's exactly what they will do. i think the greatest intrusion into states authority is exactly that responsibility that is now being shifted to the federal government. as you know states have insurance commissioners. we have one that is a constitutional officer in our state. and this has traditionally been the roll of an insurance commissioner at the state level to regulate the business of insurance. here we have instead of the legislature what the benefit mandate is going to be we have a federal beurocracy is going to be. quite frankly in order to be able to be listed on the exchange, you are going to have to have policy provisions
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that saturday the bureaucratses in washington. and they are only going to be satisfied with cadillac-type plans. things that many employers and many states even for their own state employees don't provide that many benefits. that will be a huge cost factor that nobody talked that much about. >> it hasn't been scisd. i think people don't understand that this is when the federal government is not only obligating your state for certain benefits, but the cost of having to provide them. for the federal government to come in and say georgia you are not going to be able to spend more money on maybe education or highways because we have already spent your money for you, that's really what this gets down to. i think that's why you and a lot of the other governors have said no thank you. >> absolutely. we are having a tough time meeting our other obligations. as we see health care continue to go up in terms of cost, we are already seeing the affects
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of obama care because as you know there were certain provisions that have already taken affect. and we are having to include extra millions of dollars in our state budget this year just to cover the extra costs that have already been imposed upon us through our state employee health benefit plan. >> governor, it is great to have you here, and for making a clear explanation as to why you are saying you are not going to participate. hope you have a great 2013 in georgia and we look forward to seeing you soon. >> likewise. thank you. he says the president couldn't get his environmental agenda passed, but he will force it through regulations. one of the senate environmental committee members, he will be talking about the problems those regulations could cause for all of us in 2013. stay with us.
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republican on the senate committee onen viern meant and public works, and he says the obama administration's environmental regulations could cause a lot more bad than goodbye increasing taxes on businesses and decreasing jobs. i spoke with oklahoma senator
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jim enhoff earlier. senator enhoff, you issued a report on the damage that will be done to america's economy if president obama is able to push through by regulation, not legislation, but regulation his so-called greenish -- green initiative. let's talk about what happens to this country's economy and jobs if that happens. >> governor, first of all, i did that before the election. these are the regulations that he was going to impose, but he is waiting until after the election to do it for obvious reasons. all of these people will lose their jobs. he didn't want them to know that before the election. to put it in proper perspective, i think most people know that the deficit was really that came from the budget of the president, $5.3 trillion deficit. people understand that. they know about his war on fossil fuels. here we are in a position of having the most recoverable
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fossil fuels reserves of any country in the world. we could be totally independent in a matter of weeks, and he won't let us develop our own resources. those are three things what he is doing to the military and all of that, that people are aware of. they are not aware of the cost of the regulations that he has. now, i would just use three of the regulations he was putting off until after the election. one having to do with the boiler mac. it was the regulations on boilers. every manufacturer has a boiler. that would be $63 billion cost in taxes and 800,000 jobs. coal the same way. he actually did away with coal by having an emissions requirement where there is no technology that will reach it. that will be 1.65 million. the reason i mention these, i could be talking about a lot
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of different regulations. but if you add up these three regulations, that would be $100 billion in taxes and 3.5 million in terms of the number of people losing their jobs. but the crown jewel of all regulations is to regulate cap and trade. there is a professor at the university, at mit, one of the top guys in the field, and he said regulating co2 is a bureaucrat's dream. if you regulate co2 it would -- the cost would regulate in life. let's look at your state of arkansas and my state of oklahoma. the cost that is regulation, cap and trade, they tried to do it and you remember this, i was on your program talking about this a longtime ago, they tried to do it through legislation. they couldn't do it. and now they are trying to do it through regulation. the cost would be about $400 billion a year. if you take your state of arkansas and my state of
12:27 am
oklahoma and do the math, each family that pays, that files a federal income tax return and pays taxes, it would cost them about $3,000 a year. you don't get anything for it. lisa jackson has been for a long period of time the head of the epa, obama's epa. i asked her the question live on tv. i said, if we were going to pass this cap and trade, would this lower our co2 emissions worldwide? she said no it wouldn't. the reason it wouldn't she said is this only applies to the united states. this isn't where the problem s. the problem is in china, in mexico, in other countries where they don't have standards. that is the crown jewel of all regulations. it is the most expensive one. and it is one that is based on the assumption that the catastrophic global warming is taking place, and it is due to man made gases. the people of this country know better.
12:28 am
>> you know, senator, to be able to do that, it would be an outrage to most of us who understand the legislative process and we even have the ept representatives. we would just be ignoring the constitutional responsibility to get authorization. how can he do this? >> that's right. first of all, it is kind of technical, but they tried to do it through legislation for 10, 11 years. that's cap and trade we are talking about. now in order to do it through regulation you have to have what is called an endangerment finding. we had our committee and i said i have a feeling you will have an endangerment finding so you can regulate something you have tried to do through legislation. i saw her smile. frankly i like her. she gives honest answers, at least to me. i said to do this, to have an endangerment finding, you have to have it based on science. what science would you use? she said, we would use the
12:29 am
united nations, the inter governmental panel on climate change. it cooperate have been better -- it couldn't have been better timing. you talk about poetic justice, governor, it was a matter of days that clay mat gate came in. remember climate gate? it shows without a shadow of the doubt that the united nations has been cooking this science for a long period of time. >> it is amazing. when you bring these things to light a lot of americans are shocked to realize that you and the last few in the senate may be the last backstop before this administration takes us into some international treaty, international law, international agreement that none of us really would ever agree to. >> there are people i serve with who think it is not a good idea. what about our sovereignty? that's what it is all about. nonetheless, this did come from them.
12:30 am
you have to keep in mind that -- you and i can both remember when the democrats' primary source of funding in washington was the labor unions and it was other things. now it is the far left environmentalists. we are talking about move on .org, job source, michael moore and that crowd. they put millions of dollars in. this is pay back time now. this president, you can remember very well when he said, i've got to get re-elected first and then we can do more. that's what he said to the far left environmentalists, and he is bound and determined to have that level of taxation that would just drive jobs outs of this country by droves. >> we can't afford the job loss. we can't afford the income loss. we need you to continue to stay the fight for the rest of us. always a pleasure and thanks for being with us had too. [applause]. lots more to come in our look ahead to 2013 including hollis green law on the future of housing and job markets.
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and tony perkins will respond to critics who say the republicans ought to trade their conservative values for votes.
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elementary in newtown. now back to "huckabee." the president has spent a lot of time talking about how his policies will improve the economy. but will his words translate into results in the new year?
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joining us is fox business network. charlie, always a pleasure to have you here. let's talk first about the actions of the federal reserve. the fed has been printing money right and left and hoping that somehow it is going to turn the economy around. obama promised that if we follow these policies, everything ought to be improving. >> hunky dory. i am not seeing it. looking uhed -- looking ahead to the new year, all of the printing of money, is that change ?g. >> printing of money did help. it did inflate the economy. the problem is that you had fiscal policy which is what the white house could control. it didn't really work. it worked horribly. we know that unemployment is going down because the labor force is shrinking. that's why it is going down. it is an unprecedented thing. the only thing left to do is monetary policy. you try to pump up the economy
12:36 am
by printing more money. a lot of people criticize ben bernanke for that. it could sew the seeds of inflation where down the road the stuff will be way too expensive. it was the only game in town. if you believe bernanke, if he didn't do that, we may have gone into a double dip recession or something worse. >> let's talk about the fact that so many people who are heads of companies, corporations , manufacturing, service, doesn't matter what sector of the economy, there is such uncertainty looking into the new year. i want you to talk about the likelihood that businesses in this country are going to expand in this economic climate. >> i don't think they will. i worry about small businesses over the multi national companies. small business are stuck here. ge can diversify by opening a plant in china. it is easy to get productivity by going overseas.
12:37 am
small business if you talk to anybody we don't know what will happen. we do know the president wants to raise our taxes. here is where the debate is absurd. the president says let's make it $250,000. it is fairness. people at the upper end, we need to be fair. he forgets those people, there are so many small businesses that file as individuals. a small business making $250,000 a year employ 10 people at least. if you raise their taxes, they are going to layoff one of those. that could be -- you could see that stream throughout the economy. >> jim rogers who is a economic commentator has said it is inevitable we will have another recession. is he right? >> you know, i worry about people who talk about inevitability. i don't know. say we stay where we are right now, this is like a permanent recession. positive gdp growth, but let's talk about real world factors here.
12:38 am
unemployment or lack of employment. the unemployment rate went down to 7.7% from 7.9% because the labor force is shrinking. if you look at the broader number where people don't show up in the work numbers, that is still huge. to me that is the best measure whether we are in a recession. what you don't want is a real recession where it shows up in the gdp. if that happens we could have another banking crisis. if we have another banking crisis you could have a great depression. no doubt about that. >> gee, that sounds like a good piece of news to get us ready for the new year, charlie. >> go have a drink. >> if there is anything happening that disturbs you -- i mean your beat is wall street. you hang out and listen to people. they talk to you. when they don't talk to anybody else and they give you the information and gives you opportunity to break stories, the likes of which no one has has broken, is there a story
12:39 am
you think we ought to be looking for in 2013, something that is on the horizon that hadn't been talked about? >> no pressure, charlie. >> one of the things about what is scary -- this will sound like a punt, but nobody knows what next year is going to be about. when that happens, that is bad for business. let me tell you something. businesses would know if we are going into a recession, they would prepare for that. they would do things. because nobody knows what will happen, obama care taxes are kicking in next year, unavoidable. a whole host of other taxes are i can cking in that are unavoidable. to plan for even something worse is difficult right now when you really don't know what other taxes are coming. that's the real problem. we don't know what else is in store. the other thing is, one of the other problems with the
12:40 am
president is his economic literacy has never been very high. i think that scares -- >> what do you mean by that, his economic literacy? i mean i think i know, but i just want to -- >> lits -- listen, the president is a smart man. he wept to some good colleges, but when it comes to the economy, listen. much makes no sense. i'm talking democrat, republican, he says stuff -- this is just based on what he says, what he says affects prices. what he says about the need to raise taxes on the upper income like that will be good for the economy. that will not be good for the economy. if you are making 250 and you are a small business you are employing people and paying taxes and workers compensation insurance and you are doing a lot. to hammer those guys now and gals, i think that is a travis stey. that is economic illiteracy. >> the good thing is you will hammer all of those people. that's why we love you,
12:41 am
charlie. charlie from the fox business network. we will be right back. stay with us.....
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the final report was 7.7% the lowest since 2008. and now we started to see a recovery in the housing market. can we expect more improvement in the new year. and what can you personally do
12:44 am
to prepare for 2013 and some of the financial challenges ahead? joining us is the chairman and the ceo of united development funding, hollis green wall. it is nice to have you here. >> nice to be here, governor. >> i want to talk about the housing market. that is a big driver of the economy. looking ahead into 2013, what do you see taking place in the housing market? >> i think what we have seen in 2012 in the housing market is you have seen a strength growing in housing. that momentum will carry forward into 2013. what you have seen in the strength in 2012 is you have seen home prices stabilize and begin to rise. you have size -- you have seen housing sales increase. you have seen housing starts increase. and the significance of rising home prices is for many of us our house is the largest asset on our balance sheet. as that starts to improve you
12:45 am
get the wealth affect. people start to see the asset increasing in price. no longer falling year over year. so that bodes well for confidence. you will see housing hit a bottom in 2009. it is an l-shaped recovery. we are bouncing along that bottom. and now we will start to see some strength. >> what do you mean by l-shaped recovery. what is an l-shaped recovery. >> a lot of people going into recession, they are talking about the type of recovery we will see. would we see a v? would we bounce up off the bottom? would it be more of a u where we come up gradually from the bottom of the recession? we thought it was going to be and it has manifested itself as a sloping l. what that means is it will be a long grind. the reason it will be a long grind is with the housing bubble and the collapse of the housing bubble. such destruction on the household net worth and
12:46 am
basically we have to restore that. we can see the numbers that consumer confidence dropped to the unrecorded levels in this country as housing prices fell. >> people were spooked by everything. >> and everything went. basically in realtime we identify the bubble. i call it the not so fantastic four, california, nevada, arizona, florida. what you saw in that period was you saw the bubble collapse and you also had the financial crisis in concert with the collapse of the housing bubble. one feeding off the other. we had a tremendous de leveraging which meant basically the banks stepped back. when you take leverage out of financial transactions like home mortgages and the has set prices fall. >> is this a good time for
12:47 am
people to buy a house? good time to sell a house? good time to sit tight and don't do a dog gone thing? >> look at the numbers. a significant thing that is occurring in the economy right now that is sparking this recovery in housing is household formations are about 1.1 million which has been about our historical average. now from 2007 to 2010 on average household formations fell to about 550,000 -- >> you mean people getting married and starting families? >> you bet. >> so people because of the economy just didn't get married, didn't form a family. >> you know on the other side they didn't get divorced. they couldn't afford to get divorced. one spouse couldn't afford to leave the house. >> maybe there was a plus in all of this. the divorce rate went down. >> and it did. you basically saw people living in two parts of the house. >> just like it always has been.
12:48 am
>> and also you saw kids graduating from college and moving in with mom and dad. what you are seeing now in the numbers is you are seeing this tremendous spike in household formation. >> no one talked about that. i have not heard that. that is a big factor in how the economy recovers. it is a connection. families do really have a foundation on the economic engine of the country. >> the family is the basic economic building block of the country. you can follow that in all of the data. it is really how we manage, how we operate our business. in watching the numbers, that is a very rnt poo driver. a very important driver. additionally what the federal reserve has done, historically low interest rates. so what the federal reserve did was stabilize home prices. lower interest rates support higher asset prices. you've seen it.
12:49 am
people now are coming back off the sidelines. the values of the homes are no longer dropping. so going to the question, is it a good time? what should you be doing? if you are thinking about buying a house, this is a great time to buy a house. if you are thinking about getting married, it is a great time in the economy to be doing that. the future even though it is an upward sloping recovery, the future looks very bright for housing starting in 2012, 2013, and i think it carries forward into 2014. >> great to have you here. thanks for the outlook. it gives us a little encouragement. we could use a little going into 2013. >> have a happy new year. >> thank you for being here. [ male announcer ] we all make bad decisions. like say, gas station sushi. cheap is good. and sushi, good. but cheap sushi, not so good. it's like that super-low rate on not enough car insurance. pretty sketchy. ♪
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election has created a lot of talk of republicans needing to change their way of thinking. maybe move ootle closer to the center in hopes of gaining votes in the next election cycle. but my next guest says that is nonsense and conservatives ought to push their values harder. joining us is the president of the research council and my
12:53 am
friend tony perkins. tony, great to have you here. the post mortum of the election has been for a lot of the -- and i like to call them the so-called leaders. i am not sure they lead us very well. but they said, you know what we need to do? we need to get away from some of these decisive issues, things like the caping tau tee of life and the sanctaty of marriage. what say you? >> the problem is they have. that's why they lost the last two national elections. if you look at john mccain, he was no outspoken social conservative. they rarely checked the boxes. mitt romney, like him, nice guy, good family man, great picture of a family. but he really was hesitant to talk about marriage. his record didn't match with his positions he adopted. you go back and tell me the last time a moderate beat a liberal in a national election. >> well, you would have to go back probably to richard
12:54 am
nixon. if you look at gerald ford and ronald regan was clearly a social conservative and put it front and center. george bush in his first term was and then in the second term was defeated. bob dole, john mccain, mitt romney. >> case closed. >> maybe that's not the right way, but -- boy that's the way the media has portrayed it. >> let me add a little color commentary there. let's go back to when you were a candidate for president. >> i knew you were going to bring that up, that painful memory of where that went. >> well we are sitting here because you had a platform that people connected with. you had a campaign with little resources. you fast-forward a few years to the candidate who had a similar message in this last election cycle, rick santorum. again, the same story. no resources, no backing from the establishment, but who almost captured the nomination.
12:55 am
same case as you. it was that message that people were motivated by and engaged over. >> were there fewer evangelicals voting this time than four years ago? >> that was the challenge in this election. there was a lot more effort, and i can attest to it because i spent literally about two and a half months on the road working in the evangelical community and registering. we registered a half million new voters. it was interest willing -- interesting one of the establishment consultant said evangelicals will vote for romney. they have no where else to go. in the post mortum they did. they stayed at home. the numbers were down in terms of the overall percentage in the numbers voting. the reason was they weren't motivated. we heard over and over, they are so put off by barack obama's policies they will turn out. that was a factor. it got them about 80% of the way, but the rest of the way was carried by believing in a
12:56 am
candidate's vision and message for the future, and it didn't happen. >> what happens to the republican party and its prospect for elections if it decides it will just sort of disengage from value issues which that is the conversation being held. >> i think you will continue to see them losing national elections. let's go back to where they have been successful, 2006, 2008 the republican congress took a beating. rom emmanuel hatched a plan to go after republicans with conservative democrats, and they took over the majority. nancy pelosi was put in as speaker. they passed obama care and all of this other stuff on the nation. but then in 2010 those moderate democrats or conservative democrats were defeated by conservative republicans who ran as pro life, pro marriage and smaller government and less taxes and that we have now the most conservative house of representatives in modern history. those issues win when they
12:57 am
come from the heart as you have shown and then you can talk about them. the problem is we've got some republicans that only want to talk about these things at election time only to check the boxes and not because it eminates from the heart. >> it is going to be an interesting time to watch and see if the message continues to permeate in the leadership of the party. you are right. if it does, and the pro life and pro family voters who are by the way always fiscal conservatives, if they have no where else to go , they will either create a third party movement, they will become independent and support possibly even conservative democrats or they will just stay home and forget about it. tony, great having you here. i would mention to our viewers that the last time the republicans had a significant win with women because we always hear that if they push these issues that they will lose with women, that the last time we had a success of candidate that communicated and won the votes of women is
12:58 am
ronald reagan and did not run from those issues. let me say i would like to wish all of you and all of your families a very happy and healthy new year. i'm mike huckabee, good night and god bless. we will see you in 2013. [applause]
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